With a natural, and organic feel, this trend is all about slowing down and appreciating the simple things in life. Warm colours of baked terracotta, peachy pinks, and golden ochre. Natural woven materials and jute textures. Handmade shapes, tassels, pretty pearls and shiny gold accents that catch the afternoon sunlight. Fresh, relaxed, modern rustic feels going into spring and summer.

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Sterling Silver Fern Ear Cuff
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Shaped Vase
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Bee Planter
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Bee Mug
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Fern bangle in silver
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Silver Fern Ring
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Bamboo Starburst Mirror
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Gold Pebble Mirror
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Large Round Rattan Mirror
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White Faces Planter with Stand
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Wildflower Raised Texture Planter - 15 x 15 x 12cm
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Face statement Earrings in Gold
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Face statement Earrings in Silver
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Fern leaf Huggie earrings in Gold
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Fern leaf Huggie earrings in Silver
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